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Putting Life into Lives

Dr. Sivaraman

  Dr. Sivaraman Janakiraman,
  Army Medical Corps

   Saw the pics of Champion Care Homes just now and am completely floored !! Terrific facilities have been thoughtfully provided and I am sure there are many more in the offing depending on the needs of the community. The price is very much affordable and sporting in exchange for the perks. May Almighty Allah Bless you and Firoza Behen always for bravely conceiving this project and marching on. Very few people are capable of this, and I'm definitely not one !!

You have already shown us how deeply spiritual you are. Now we see other aspects of your spirituality- Creative intelligence, vibrant energy, innovativeness which has produced this wonderful monument ! Love seeing every bit of it through your pics. You and Feroza have engraved yourself in the Hearts of many, none the least, this humble friend of yours.

I forgot to add that I will heartily recommend this if I come across someone.

About Us

Dr. N. N. Kanagavel

  Dr. N. N. Kanagavel,
  Champion Care Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

  Kanagavel has been the Chairman of Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd., ever since its inception in 2012. After his post-graduation he has been practicing as an Orthopedician based at Warrington in UK. He is on the board of a few reputed firms in India. Kanagavel can be contacted by +447423242090 or +447966406096, and

Dr. P. P. Sunderraj

  Dr. P. P. Sunderraj,
  Chief Financial Officer (CFO),
  Champion Care Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

  Sunder who is the CFO of Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd., is an Opthalmologist by profession. He works as a Consultant to a few Pharmaceutical firms in UK. Morevoer, he is an entrepreneur and on the board of a few companies including pharmacies in India and UK. He has settled in Pickworth Village near Grantham in UK. Sunder can be contacted by +441529497493 or +447932729529, and

Dr. R. Karthikeyan

  Dr. R. Karthikeyan,
  Chief Operations Officer (COO),
  Champion Care Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

  Rajan Karthikeyan who is the COO brings to Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd., over two decades of experience of Managing Care Homes in UK. He was the key for Champion Care Homes to surpass the UK Care Home Guidelines. He has settled in Lathom Village in UK. Karthikeyan can be contacted by +447894123369, and

Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique

  Dr. Mohamed E. Rafique,
  Managing Director,
  Champion Care Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

  Rafique is presently working as the Managing Director, of Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd., after having worked as a Dermatologist at Tata Tea, and as a Resource Person and Moderator at United Nations. He is now the Resident Medical Officer at Champion Care Homes, and offers free consultation to all its residents, 24 x7. Rafique can be contacted by +917558845528 or +918281345391, and

Dr. Augustus Samuel Dodd

  Dr. Augustus Samuel Dodd,
  Champion Care Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

  Augustus who is presently the Medical Superintendent of Grace Kennett Foundation (GKF) Hospital brings to Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd.,  his experience from serving in the Army to managing the GKF Hospital for over two decades. A practicing Surgeon Augustus is also qualified with a Masters in Business Administration. He resides in the Medical Superintendent's Quarters at GKF, Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. Augustus can be contacted by +919360301598, and

Feroza M. I.

  Feroza M.I., Director.
  Champion Care Homes Pvt. Ltd.,

   Having worked as a Science Teacher, in Tagore Mount School earlier, Feroza is now in charge of Administration as well as Food and Beverages in Champion Care Homes. Contact Feroza on +919497110392 and

Nitin Johnson

  Nitin Johnson, Environmental Engineer.

   Johnson has worked as an Environmental Scientist and Asst. Professor in V.S.B. Engineering College, Karur, after completing his M. Tech in Environmental Engineering. Presently, he looks after the maintainence of all the systems in Champion Care Homes, be it infrastructure or IT! His phone is +918943021110 and e-mail is

M Chandran

   M. Chandran, Accountant.

   An M. Com from Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Chandran looks after the accounts of all our Sr. Residents along with the auditors of Champion Care Homes. Chandran loves to help everyone, and he is therefore popular among our Sr. Residents. Contact him on +919655512106 and

Lilson Jebaraj

  Lilson Jebaraj, Dietician.

   Armed with a Masters in Food and Nutrition, from the Gandhigram Rural University, Dindigul, Jebaraj is adept at looking after the dietary needs of our Sr. Residents. His mobile number is +919539488199 and


  Mohan, Care Officer.

   After his Masters in Commerce, Mohan worked as a Field Officer in Silver Cloud Estate in Gudalur, before opting for Champion Care Homes. He looks after the Care needs of our Sr. Residents especially those that are fully dependent, and the old of the old. Contact him on +919487272168

Alby Shijo

  Alby Shijo, Care Officer.

   A commerce graduate from Nirmala College, Angamally, Alby has been with Champion Care Homes since its inception, and is in charge of Care of our lady Sr. Residents. Contact her on +919946641611 and

Chef Rajan

  Rajan, Chef.

   Our Chef Rajan's magic converts the dietician's restrictions into tasty dishes in a variety of culinary styles, ranging from the local Keralite to the universal Continental cusines. Chef Rajan's mobile number is +919539222493.


  Suganya, Nurse.

   After completing her Diploma Nursing Assistant's Course, Suganya has joined Champion Care Homes. She looks after the nursing needs of all our Senior Residents, including palliative and high intensive care. She hails from Madurai, in Tamil Nadu.


  Kavitha, Nursing Assistant.

   Kavitha, from Madurai, in Tamil Nadu, is also a qualified Nursing Assistant. She likes to look after the nutrition, grooming, and social care of our Senior Residents. She organizes games, and engages our Senior Residents by accompanying them on walks.


  Mekala, Nursing Assistant.

   After qualifying from Madurai, as a Nursing Assistant, Mekala has joined Champion Care Homes. She assits her colleagues in looking after the general nursing as well as social needs of our Senior Residents. Moreover, she organizes outings and picnics for our Senior Residents.


  Laxmi, Care Assistant.

   Laxmi is the Care Assistant for the old of the old, who are Fully Dependent and need high intensive care. Depending on the Care Assessment of the Sr. Residents the required number of Care Assistants are deputed to take care of the particular Resident.


   Fouzya, Care Assistant.

   Fouzya also works as a Care Assistant. She presently looks after the not so old Residents. Her helpful nature, is well liked by the residents, and she with Alby and Mrs. Feroza organizes games and activities for the Residents


  Chinnamma, Care Assistant.

   Chinnamma is one of our Care Assistants. She is from Senthurai in Tamil Nadu, where she has her own farmland. Simple and trustworthy are some of Chinnamma's innate strengths. Hence, she is liked by her team and residents as well.


  Parthasarathy, Care Assistant and Hair Stylist.

   Parthasarathy works at Champion Care Homes as a Care Assistant. Before joining Champion Care Homes, he worked in his own fish farm in Ramanathapuram District in Tamil Nadu. He is a good hair stylist as well.


  Chandrasekar, Care Assistant.

   Chandrasekar is also one of our Care Assistants. He is from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Before joining Champion Care Homes, he worked for Apollo Hospital in Madurai.