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Putting Life into Lives

Mohd Ansary

  Mohammed Ansary, Retd., Dy. Director of Prosecution, Government of Kerala, India.

   Knowing the directors and their achievements for more than three decades, I am sure Champion Care Homes with a vision combining compassion with care is all set to champion the cause of Sr. Citizens in this part of the country.

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Community Life

Joining Process

You can begin your Community Life anytime, once you book your residency in Champion Care Homes. Consequently, by booking you can rest assured that once Champion Care Homes is launched, you can immediately complete your Trial Stay, which will give you a chance to explore life at Champion Care Homes. Thus, you can decide whether you would like to opt for a Permanent Stay at Champion Care Homes.

Joining the Community Life process

After the Trial Stay and in the unlikely event that you choose not to make any type of stay at Champion Care Homes, the booking amount will be refunded to you, once you have settled the cost of the Trial Stays. For further clarifications, you could write to our Accountant.

Community Life Competence Process

Our Community

Every community has the capacity to respond to life's challenges, to build a common vision, to act, and to adapt. So, also does our community of seniors. We call this a local response. We will stimulate and connect local responses around the world.

Discovering our Strengths

Once we discover our strengths and take ownership, we start to act.

Stimulating Communities by appreciating

Communities think and act for themselves. Facilitators stimulate them to take action through an approach that appreciates strengths and fosters local ownership. This is the Community Life Competence Process (CLCP).

Ownership by the Community

Once communities take ownership, they seek to connect with others to learn and share. More and more communities are responding and connecting with others through the Constellation.

The Constellation

The Constellation is both a movement of communities and an organisation of facilitators. We are bound by our belief in the strengths of communities.

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 The Constellation is a Belgian NGO working around the world to stimulate and connect communities.