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Putting Life into Lives

Rituu B. Nanda

  Rituu B. Nanda, Share Facilitator, The Constellation for Life Competence.

   Almost a year ago, my supervisor Dr. Rafique suddenly informed me that he is moving back to his home state Kerala, to look after his mother. For Rafique felt that if he moved back she would not have to be admitted in hospitals.Subsequently, Rafique and his friends decided to set up a care home for the elderly.
Rafique also believes that we can learn many things from older people and vice versa. Rafique's children have contributed to the elderly care home. So, this care home is coming up not as a commercial initiative but as an endeavour of love and care, a fine example of inter-generational activity, and what different generations can do for each other.

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Home Care

Residents requiring Home services are fit physically, but have an underlying chronic or lifestyle disease like Asthma, hypertension, or diabetes, which could require the services of an attender for a few days in a year. Thus, when they are not so well they could use the staff of Champion Care Homes just like how they required the help of a brother or sister when they lived in their Home to do their normal activities. All the other days they could use all the Hostel Care services of Champion Care Homes.
Champion Care Homes Pvt., Ltd., is the only fully integrated Care Home Company, providing the full spectrum of care services across all age groups. Accordingly, all prospective residents will during their Trial Stays, know from their clinical assessment the level of Care they will be requiring during their stay at Champion Care Homes.