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Putting Life into Lives

Anand Chaudhuri

  Dr. Anand Chaudhuri, Retd., Community Leadership Programme, UNODC, United Nations, Cambodia.

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Personal Care

When faced with illness or immobility, it can be a struggle to carry out everyday activities that you may have once performed with ease.

Our discreet personal care service is designed to support you with your day-to-day living, as well as providing you with the encouragement and emotional support that you may need to remain living at Champion Care Homes.

Our personal care service can support you with getting in and out of your bed, dressing, administering medication, bathing and continence care, at a time to suit your convenience. Maintaining your dignity is of paramount importance to us, which is why our Carers will ensure you feel comfortable at all times.


Your Carer is able to fully support you with your bathing requirements. They can assist you in getting in and out of the bath or shower safely, as well as washing and drying your hair and body, if required. Should you be able to bathe independently, they are able to sit with you and offer support when needed; giving you peace of mind that someone is there to ensure your safety.


Fastening buttons and zips, and tying laces are simple processes to most however, for many individuals such things can become impossible tasks. If you need help getting dressed and undressed, you can rely on our Carers to provide support to make things easier for you.

Bed Routine

Our Carers are able to assist you getting in and out of bed, at a time which suits your own routine. In addition, we can also provide support with hoisting, as required.


We are able to support both your urinary and faecal continence whilst preserving your dignity, at all times. Your Carer can help you to get to and from the toilet and, where required, will monitor your personal hygiene in order to ensure your health and comfort. This can include changing catheter and stoma bags, incontinence pads and sheets, and help with bathing and changing clothing.

Meal Times

As part of our personal care service, our Carers are able to support you with all aspects of meal times. This can include assisting with your weekly shop, helping with the preparation of your meals, and managing the food in your house.

Household Tasks

Our Carers can assist you with light household duties as part of your personal care service and will help with tasks such as laundry, vacuuming and washing up. If you are able to complete these tasks yourself, in order to maintain your independence our Carers can just be on hand to offer support where required.

Medication Assistance

You may sometimes forget to take your prescribed medication, or may struggle to take it the correct way, which could put your health at serious risk. Our Carers are able to alleviate this worry by prompting you to take your medication and ensure you’re taking the right dosage, at the right time.

If remembering to take your medication is not a problem, but you’re unable to physically take it due to your condition, our Carers may be able to help administer your medication, provided there is a clear prescription to follow.

Complex Medication

Should you have more complex medication needs, such as the administering of drugs through intravenous methods (IV) or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), or need to take a controlled substance such as morphine, you may initially require assistance from one of our Registered Nurses.

Once your medication requirements have been firmly established with your Nurse, it may then be possible to delegate the process to a Carer. This will not only ensure that you are receiving excellent care, but also provide you with a cost-effective service.

We will conduct a full assessment of your needs before we determine whether a Nurse or Carer will be the most suitable option for you.

Should your needs be more complex and immediate, we offer emergency care services which will support your continuing care requirements.

To find out more about our Personal Care service, please contact our dedicated Team at our Champion Care Homes on +91 484 2696363

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