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Putting Life into Lives

Dr. Javed Rasheed

  Dr. Javed Rasheed, Director, Children Medical Centre, & 9 Educational Institutions, Kurnool, India.

   "At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received how much money we have made,how many great things we have done. We will be judged by " I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,I was naked and you clothed me.I was homeless and you took me in.." - Mother Teresa

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Inauguration of Trial Stay was at 10 AM on 3 Feb 2015

Bookings are open. You can book the room of your choice by paying 10% of its Medical Deposit fee. All bookings are valid for a period of three months only. Call +918281345391 to get the details of tariff or to make your bookings. However, all deposit fees and monthly fees are only indicative and could change every first day of the year, depending on economic price and living indexes. We will provide full justification for changes including calculations on this web page and on request. However, the first such raise can occur only from the year 2015. So, take full advantage of this opening offer of discounted tariff till the last day of December 2014.

A Residency status in Champion Care Homes involves:

i. One time, Refundable, Security Advance and Medical Emergency fee for covering medical emergencies mainly.
ii. A monthly maintenance cost which covers the daily cost of Food, Housekeeping, Security and other Common Services, as well as, paying for the cost of infrastructure and furnishing in each apartment.


  • Refund of the security advance and medical emergency fee will be to the name of the resident (OR) to the estate (as per will) within 30 days of vacating the apartment, subject to an initial six-month lock-in period. During this lock-in period the occupant needs to pay the monthly charges also.
  • Any expenses towards hospitalization, medical emergencies, additional nursing or attendant has to be paid directly to the respective institution by the Resident or Guardian.
  • Any breakages or damages to the apartments beyond normal wear and tear will need to be reimbursed immediately to Champion Care Homes by the Resident or Guardian
  • An annual standard increase in monthly charges of minimum 5% and additional increase due to inflation if warranted will be reviewed and shall be levied on the first day of every year from 2015.
  • Standard accessories like T.V., Geyser, electric kettle, and Furniture are provided in all the rooms, while Microwave, and Refrigerator, are provided in the two pantries and in the suite room, and no financial adjustments is allowed in case of non-availability or removal of accessories at the request of the individual occupant
  • Trial Stay

    Tariff would be Rs.2000/- per day / per room minimum 4 days to stay including Food, Housekeeping and Security. Telephone bills will be charged separately as per usage.